Casa Marinello, your home away from home

Our expertise


 Our niche is catering to larger training camps who find that the mountains and amenities in our area are a great way to prepare for the season or even keep that base endurance at a peak level.



What you can expect...


     We are a small boutique casa that is nestled in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy.  Comprising of over 90,000 acres of mountainous terrain, the Italian Dolomites offer a unique corner of the Alps with a distinctive geology and a fascinating blend of cultures.  


   Located to the south of the main chain of the Alps, the Dolomites are geographically and culterally at a crossroads between Italy to the south and Tyrol to the north.  The culture remains a blend of the Tyrolean, Rhaeto-Roman and Italian influences.  Marmolada, just east of Trento, is the highest peak at nearly 11,000 feet.  The dramatic and rugged mountains are famous for their unique colours, which are a result of their partial formation as undersea coral colonies before being pushed upwards millions of years ago.


   This area is famed for the activities it has to offer year round.  During the winter you can enjoy some of the most magnificant ski areas in Europe.  Duing the summer you will find hiking, cycling and climbing opportunities. 

Not a high performance athlete


...then the perfectly paved cycle path, a narrow-gauge railway discharged in the sixties, will allow you to cycle or hike through woods and meadows while enjoying some of the most beautiful Dolomite peaks.

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • picturesque villages and rolling green pastures
  • 25km to Cortina
  • 130km to Venice
  • 190km to Innsbruck, Austria
  • Can be used as a base for the Vie Ferrate
  • Central to many points along the Giro for 2013