Things to do



   The Dolomites are the perfect destination for an abundance of sports activities.  Each season brings new challenges and adventures for any level of sports enthusiasts. 



There are so many things to keep you busy.


We may be nestled in the mountain tops of the Dolomites, but there is no shortage of activities and sites to fill your day.  Whether you are an avid athlete or the casual tourist, the following are but a few things that you can do.



   Explore the Dolomities' natural beauty within one of the many Nature Parks.  These parks offer unforgettable views of lakes, which mirror the reflections of the mountains which surround them.


   The natural backgrounds will entice you to explore the countryside, breathing normally beneath a clear blue sky, pick flowers in the woods or simply stand still to admire the steep rugged mountain cliffs.

  • Cycling routes and unsurfaced trails ranging from very easy to very technical allowing you to enjoy the scenic venues our area has to offer.
  • You will find walking and hiking trails suitable for everyone.  Discover breathtaking views and vistas that will surely make you stop for making memories. 
  • The Vie Ferrate (Iron Paths) provide challenges to climbing enthusiasts
  • Water sports in the many lakes, rivers and swimming pools
  • Dolomiti Superski offers 1220 km of ski runs, 450 ski lifts, 475 ski runs and 12 mountain valleys

Arts and Culture


   The histoical traditions and cultures from centuries ago remain part of the ever day life.  This observance to their history can been seen in the architecture, tasted in local foods and heard in the music of the area. 

  • Tastes of the region
  • Quiet views on many patios 
  • Local markets
  • Pieve di Cadoe is home to one of the most famous Italian renaissance painters, Tiziano (Titian)
  • Marmolada museum of the Great War.  This museum is also famous for being the highest museum in the world
  • Wood and ironwork tradition is still very much alive in the Dolomites and can be found in local shops
  • Otzi The Iceman is the only mummy to have his own museum.  This is located in Bolzano
  • Close to Cortina, Venice and the Austrian border
  • Lake Dobbiaco
  • Lake Misurina
  • Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites